Root to Siyah Kernel

Discussion in 'Computer and Technology Discussion' started by thekorngear, Aug 19, 2012.

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    been using my pebble blue GS 3 for more than a week I want to root its kernel to siyah for better headset experience as music is my top priority. I am quite new to android and I want to know if there is any problem or stuffs that I should know if I want Only to root the kernel, not the modem or rom ? So far I know ROM, Kernel, and Radio/Modem are the three things to be modified/rooted.
    I think this guide is quite okay to perform the root. My question is that the post said the kernel package is a .TAR file whereas the latest version is a RAR file with a boot.image file. Should there be any probem with that?
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    tar files are made to be flashed in odin, a firmware flashing tool made by samsung.

    when you root a device its by the act of having escalated privileges, what is commonly referred to as rooting is by installing teh su binary and superuser app which a pre-rooted kernel can do, just as a pre-rooted rom or custom recovery can all do.

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