Secret of Mana 3D remake: The Magic Grind

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    So Secret of Mana's 3D remake, at least on Steam (can't try the PS4 version without a PS4), has achievements now. Some of them are VERY grindy, in particular the all elementals at level 8 one. There's a way to speed this process up, though: Go to the Wind Palace (via Flammie), and have the Girl cast stuff: Undine, Gnome, Sylphid, Salamando, Luna, Lumina, and Dryad is the usual order I do them in, only because Dryad's Wall spell is the only one you can level it with, and casting it makes casting anything else bounce off until it expires. Set the spell you're leveling with to a shortcut key: Remedy, Defender, Thunder Saber (only Sylphid spell castable on allies), Flame Saber (same deal, but for Salamando), Lunar Boost/Moon Energy (both cost the same amount of MP), Lucid Barrier, and finally Wall. Talk to Grandpa when you need an MP top-up. Once the Girl's done, it's time for Sprite, so go outside and set Freeze, Gem Missile, Air Blast, Fireball, Dark Force, or Burst to one of the shortcut keys, and Magic Absorb to the other one. Kill enemies with magic, remembering to top up when needed, and you'll be done FAR faster.
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