Server Rules and Building Regulations (v1.2) - Updated 27th December 2011

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    Hello All,

    Please find attached the Server Rules and Building Regulations for our server.

    Contents include:
    • Digiex Minecraft Server Rules
    • Building Regulations
    • Invite Guidelines
    • User ranks
    • Player dispute process
    • Commands
    • Appendix (Examples of suitable/unsuitable buildings)

    Failure to comply with these could lead to losing your whitelisting or receiving global ban. It's important all new players read these before setting foot in the server, and regular players keep up to date with any changes. On a new document update, you will receive mail ingame notifying you of a new version being posted up here if the changes are major and likely to affect you.
    Changes will always be listed in the change log below allowing you to catch up without having to re-read it all.

    Version History:

    Version 1.2
    Added new Building Regulation to clarify Underground Buildings

    Version 1.1
    Removed references to Minetopia and replaced with Playground
    Fixed Spelling mistakes
    Removed LWC and updated Logblock Commands

    Version 1.0
    First Draft Copy

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