Set up an Amiga emulator to play roms / adf images (How to instructions)

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    The Amiga is a family of personal computers that was sold by Commodore in the 1980s and 1990s. The first model was launched in 1985 as a high-end home computer and became popular for its impressive graphical, audio and multi-tasking abilities. The Amiga provided a significant upgrade from 8-bit computers, such as the Commodore 64, and the platform quickly grew in popularity among computer enthusiasts. The best selling model, the Amiga 500, was introduced in 1987 and became the leading home computer of the late 1980s and early 1990s in much of Western Europe.


    Here is a Guide on how to get this Emulator Running Perfect


    1.)Extract the AMIGA.rar
    2.)Install "InstallWinUAE2320" Emulator
    3.)Once installed Extract KICKROMS.rar and place the KICKROMS folder to where the Emulator was installed
    4.)Create a Games Folder and Extract AMIGA GAMES.rar into it and place the folder also where the Emulator is installed
    5.)Run WinUAE


    (Now the emulator looks tricky but its actualy Very simple) The first thing you need to do is select the "PATHS" Tab on the left hand side THEN where it says SYSTEM ROMS click the browse icon and GOTO the KICKROMS FOLDER, Once there click the "Select Folder" button at the bottom and it will Find all the Kickroms and tell you whats avalible.

    Next Goto Quickstart and here you are able to select what type of Amiga you want to emulate from the drop down menu So select the model tab and Choose A500+ Then where it says Configuration change that to 4MB Fast RAM Configuration

    Now were Ready choose a game.... Lets Try Troddlers!

    Stay in the QUICKSTART Tab & To load a game Click the "Select Image File" Button then browse to your AMIGA GAMES folder you created and choose Troddlers Disk 1 of 2 Click open, And at the bottom Click Start Next it will start to emulate the amiga and run the game Now you have to remember this is an Amiga emulator so therefore it has Amiga Loading times as well LOL so even tho there might be a blank screen for some time when loading some games Dont Worry .. Thats normal for any amiga game LOL So anyway as it comes to the first screen click the mouse and let it load until the screen flickers with multiple colours (This means you need to change to disk 2) Then hit F12 (Which Pauses the emulator and brings you back to the menu) so now we need to change to disk 2. Again click the Select image File and choose Troddlers disk 2 of 2 then click ok and click the left mouse button and it should continue loading.

    Once it reaches the Title screen you can either use the Keyboard to play this game which is set to standard Number KEYPAD 4,8,6,2 = Left, Up, Right, Down & 5 to Fire or i can go on to set up a Controller if you have on.

    Press F12 Next on the left hand tab Choose GAME PORTS and if you are as sad as me you might actualy go and buy the COMPETITION PRO JOYSTICK which Resembles the actual commodore Amiga Joystick back in the day =P ....Moving on.....Where it says PORT 2 You can select your USB joystick or gamepad. Simples! =D click ok to get back to game.

    To make FULLSCREEN press F12 to bring the menu up and on the left Select Display and in the middle where it says Windowed Chenge the tab to Fullscreen.

    Now you dont have to come to this part as the games all look fine, but because they arent being used on old Televisons the graphics arent blended so for this all i do is..... Press F12 Goto the Filter selection and at the bottom where it says Presets select PAL and then click load once loaded it should look nice and blended.

    Now i hope that makes it Really easy for you and your off to playing all the sweet Games AMIGA had to offer and boy was there some sweet games!!!

    Any problems ill try my best to help out

    Have fun guys!
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    Good post, i moved it here for you as i think it will better suit the guides and tutorials section!

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