Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens

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    Some of you might remember the old Adventure game Simon the Sorcerer. You played Simon and you became stuck in another dimension. After the first two games a third 3D game was released which wasn't received very well. After all those years a German company decided to pick the story up again and start working on the fourth game in the series...


    Past events..
    For those who didn't play the first three games, I'll bring you up to date. After rescuing the wizard Calypso from the evil wizard Sordid in the first game, you get teleported back to the other dimension once again in Simon 2 by Sordid's apprentice who accidentally summoned Sordid's ghost. He wants to take over your body because he doesn't have one anymore himself. At the end he takes over your body and leaves to your dimension..
    Then at the beginning of Simon 3D Sordid returns and gets into a robotic suit, leaving Simon's body and Calypso joins Simon's spirit with his body once again. At the end you find Sordid in the control center of the universe. There you will have to separate from you body again to go into a computer where you find Sordid and the swampling (a recurring character in all the Simon games). The swampling accidentally erases the computer's memory so the universe is getting erased. After restoring the memory another Simon falls out of the computer and the third game ends.


    The new story
    The game starts in our dimension in Simon's room in which he is fighting with his brother over the remote control. It hits his head and he gets a vision of Alix (Calypso's granddaughter) telling him her world is in danger. So Simon gets into his dimension traveling wardrobe and once again ends up in the other dimension. When you get out of the wardrobe Alix walks up to you and breaks up with you. Simon is confused because he never dated her. The dimension Simon travels to is filled with (somehow twisted) fairy tales. The first you stumble upon in this game in Little Red Riding Hood. She rides a skateboard around and is very bad behaved. After helping her you get to go to the town where you find your double running around. From here on out you need to discover what your double is up to.


    Pointing and clicking
    Simon the Sorcerer 4 is a point and click adventure in a pre-rendered 3D world. They decided to go a different way from Simon the Sorcerer 3D in which you controlled Simon with your keyboard in third person view, which was one of the main reasons why not many people liked the game (Simon himself calls Simon 3D a period he rather not be reminded of in Simon 4). You have an inventory bar at the bottom of the screen. the controls are very easy, the cursor automatically changes when you put it on an object, showing whether you can pick up the object, use it, or just look at it when you left click on it. Right clicking makes you look at an object. Early on in the game you get a map from Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother, which will show up in your inventory. By clicking on it you get an overhead view of the area and you can transport from one day to the other quickly by double clicking on a certain place. There's also a journal which shows you what it is you need to do to progress in the game. This journal also shows hints. By click on a quest you can get up to three hints to help you through the game.


    All the four Simon games together for comparison

    So what's the game about?
    In Simon the Sorcerer 4 you run into a lot of new characters. One of which is the big bad wolf, who is a depressed alcoholic with very low self esteem. But not only fairy tale characters show up in the game, also unrelated characters like a fakir and also some character from Greek mythology later on in the game. Of course you will also see a lot of characters from the past 3 games, like the swampling, the two demons and Calypso. This is also where I run into one of my main criticisms for the game, because they changed all the voices of the characters. In Simon the Sorcerer 2 and 3D Simon had the same voice actor (in Simon 1 he had a different one) but in Simon 4 he has a different one. The same goes for all the other old characters who all have different voice actors. The point is, in the past 3 games the voice actors were British, while now they all have American voices, which makes it seem a little weird that you're looking at the same characters. I wont go into the plot too much because I don't want to spoil it. I will say one more thing though which is probably the thing that bothered me the most about this game.
    That is that the main villain in this game isn't Sordid. In fact he isn't even mentioned in this game. After three games with Sordid as the main villain it really disappointed me they didn't put him in this game. It makes you wonder what happened to him after Simon 3D.


    To the point
    Simon the Sorcerer 4 is a great point & click adventure game, even if you haven't played the first three games. There are some references to the older games but you don't really need to understand them to enjoy the game. I'm not sure if it's worth the full price because the game didn't feel very long to me (which might be because you mainly stay in the same area for the entire game and don't travel a lot) but if you ever run into the game cheap and enjoy adventure games you should definitely get it.

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