Skype replacing Windows Live Messenger - what does this mean for Xbox?

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    Do you remember when Microsoft announced that Skype will be coming to Xbox? Well now that's happening, sort of...

    Today Microsoft confirmed that they will be retiring the Live chat service and will be replacing it with Skype. To me, this was not much of a surprise considering Skype is really big in the new Windows 8 products. What’s interesting is there’s still no news of how this will affect the Xbox.

    As some of you may know you can chat on Windows Live while playing Xbox. Personally, I did not use it much but the way it was somewhat integrated into games was pretty neat. The question is will we be able to do this with Skype?

    The first point that comes to mind is whether or not you will be able to IM via Skype while playing games. This would really be a perk as it would allow everyone to talk to each other, whether they’re on a computer, a phone or an Xbox.

    Another question that pops in my mind is whether or not you will be able to use the video and voice chat features. Skype is infamous for video chatting. If it was to come on Xbox I assume video chat would be available in some way, but whether this would be possible in game is debatable. On Skype you can also just voice chat and not use video. Will this overcome Party and Private chats?

    You can already get started on some of the features now. Downloading Skype 6.0 will allow you to sync your Live contacts with your Skype contacts. We will see the full change starting at the beginning of next year.

    Do you think this will have an impact on Xbox?

    Source: Skype - The Big Blog - Talk to your Messenger Contacts on Skype
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    I must admit when i heard MSN / Windows Live was coming to the Xbox years ago i thought it was a great idea, however in reality I only ever used it once or twice.

    Even with the Xbox Chatpad i found it was easier just to have MSN signed in on my phone if i wanted to be online when gaming on the Xbox. I think it would have been easier if you could voice chat to contacts on MSN from Xbox Live, having to stop and type a message becomes annoying, especially in Xbox Live games.

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