Some Features On Digiex You Should Know About, XenForo Edition

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    Back when Digiex was powered by the Vbulletin forum software I had a little post explaining some useful forum features members might find useful. This is an updated version of that for XenForo, the forum software Digiex now uses.

    This thread will explain the following:

    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Email Notifications For Private Messages
    • Email or Digiex Notifications For Watched Threads
    • Email Alerts or Digiex Notifications For An Entire Forum Category
    • Like Button

    Two Factor Authentication:

    Two factor authentication is a security feature, in addition to requiring a password to log in to your Digiex account you also require an authentication code. This code can be generated on a mobile device or desktop computer using an app such as Authy - This is compatible with Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS. For a basic mobile app you also have Google Authenticator ((Android Link, iOS Link)

    Alternatively authentication codes can be sent via email.

    What does this mean to you? essentially even if someone obtained your Digiex password they would be unable to log in to your account without an authentication code only you can generate on your PC or Mobile device, or receive via email depending on the option you choose during setup.

    If using the email option this does require you to be sensible and have an unique password for your email account, which you should do anyway as it's the key to all your other online accounts.

    The end result is unless someone gains access to your email account, or happens to physically steal the device you are using for two factor autentication your Digiex account should be pretty secure, even if someone obtained your password, it would be pretty much useless to them.

    Setting up two factor authentication can be done from your account settings, here is a direct link to: Setup Two Factor Authentication on Digiex

    Simply enable the authentication option you wish to use and follow the on screen prompts:


    Email Notifications For Private Messages:

    If you go to your Account > Contact Details you can set your own messaging preferences, tick the box receive email when a new conversation message is received, every time you get a private message you will also get an email.


    Keep in mind: if you have not logged in to your account for more than a year then you are deemed to be inactive and will no longer receive email notifications

    Example of an email notification for a private message:


    Email or Digiex Notifications For Watched Threads:

    You are also watch a thread of interest and receive either a Digiex notification or an email when someone replies to that particular thread. Simply click the "watch thread" link at the top of a thread:


    You will then have the option to receive email notifications if you desire, if you choose not to do this then you will simply get a Digiex alert:


    Digiex alert example:


    Digiex watched thread email notification example:


    Email Alerts or Digiex Notifications For An Entire Forum Category:

    You are also able to watch an entire forum and receive either Digiex Alerts or Email notifications when either new content is posted or a new reply to a thread is posted. I would suggest only subscribing for new threads in certain download areas for example, otherwise you could well be flooded with alerts.

    To watch a form navigate to that particular forum category and simply click "Watch Forum" near the top, as shown below:


    You can then set your watch / alert preferences as appropriate:


    Like Button:

    This has replaced the old "Thanks" button Digiex used to have. If you like someones post and found it useful, simply press like. This will notify the user you appreciated their post and add it to their forum reputation. Simple as that!
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