Sony Ericsson reveals Xperia X10 Android handset

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    Includes UX user interface and dedicated social and media features

    The latest handset maker to pick up Google's Android OS and run with it is Sony Ericsson. The company has unveiled its Xperia X10 smartphone, the first of a planned range of Android handsets from the company.

    It's due out in Q1 next year, and runs Android 1.6 - a puzzling decision, given that the first handset running Android 2.0 - Motorola's Droid - goes on sale this week.

    Even so, Sony Ericsson has followed in Motorola and HTC's footsteps by creating its own custom user interface that sits on top of Android. This one's called UX, and includes a couple of Sony Ericsson's own applications.

    Timescape blends messaging with social network aggregation, pulling texts, emails, photos, Facebook and Twitter updates into one place, and sorting them by contact.

    Meanwhile, Mediascape is focused on content - music, photos and videos - and ties into YouTube and Sony Ericsson's own PlayNow store. The X10 will come with both PlayNow and Android Market preloaded - and presumably also app stores of partner operators where applicable.

    "The Xperia X10 is a fantastic example of our make.believe philosophy because we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and demonstrating that anything consumers can imagine, we can make possible," says EVP and chief creation officer Rikko Sakaguchi.

    We can't help wondering whether Sony Ericsson realised that its 'make.believe' branding can look a teensy bit silly in the context of soundbites? Just a thought...

    Source: Sony Ericsson reveals Xperia X10 Android handset | Mobile Entertainment News

    What do you guys think? looks very nice :O
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