Stream Amazon Instant Video on Unsupported Android Tablets [Samsung Galaxy Tab S]

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    Amazon Instant Video will only let you install the app to stream on Android phones, not tablets. However it's really easy to get Amazon Instant Video streaming on most Android Tablets. In this tutorial i will explain how to do so, using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S as an example.

    How to Install Amazon Instant Video on Unsupported Android Tablets:

    First you need to download the Amazon Shopping and Amazon Instant Video APK's which i have linked to below, the easiest way is to view this tutorial on your tablet and click the links to download directly on your tablet.

    Download Amazon Video APK
    Download Amazon Shopping APK

    Note: It's important to install the Amazon Shopping App first, then the Amazon Instant Video App after.
    If you get a message stating install is blocked, like below, simply press settings and enable installation from unknown sources.


    After that you should be able to install both apps fine.

    1. Once you have the apps installed, log in to your Amazon account.
    2. Next navigate through the menu on the left and find the Instant video option.
    3. Then select it and you should be able to Steam video perfectly fine on your unsupported tablet.


    This worked fine on a friends Samsung Galaxy Tab S, so i can only presume it will on other Android tablets not officially supported also. Try and see!

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