Stream MKV / AVI Video to the Xbox One using Plex Media Server

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    Follow this simple step by step guide to be able to play the content from your Plex Server (or friends Plex's Servers shared with you) on your Xbox One connected to the Big Screen

    Note: There is an updated and more indepth version of this guide, including support for iOS and Android available here:
    Step by Step Guide for using Plex with Xbox One (How to Guide for DLNA)

    Step 1:

    Locate the content you wish to play on a Windows PC. If you go into 'My Computer' you should find your Plex Server listed as a network location

    Browsing UPnP share.PNG

    If you don't, you need to enable UPnP Sharing on your Plex Server Setup. If you intend to play content from other peoples Server's shared with you, you will still need to install a local Plex Server which will take care of sharing their content via UPnP for your PC and Xbox One

    Step 2:

    Browse to your TV Show, Movie or Music track you wish to play on your Xbox One, then right click it and select 'Play To' like below and select your Xbox One from the list of receivers


    If you do not see this option, please check your Xbox One settings allow content to be streaming to it on your local network (It's in the Xbox One Settings App)

    Step 3:

    Enjoy. The PlayTo App will load on your Windows PC and send the content to your Xbox One to be enjoyed! If the format of your movie isn't suitable for Xbox One, your find your Plex Server will begin to transcode it to a suitable format.

    Playing to Xbox.PNG

    Any questions? Just ask below :)
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