The Chaos Engine remastered on Steam

Discussion in 'Gaming Hangout' started by InsaneNutter, Aug 21, 2013.

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    I just randomly noticed one of my favourite games as a kid has been re mastered and will be released on Steam next week.

    From what i have read its more of a re-master rather than a re-make, the source code from the Amiga version has basically been used to port the game to Windows, OSX and Linux with the high quality soundtrack from the CD32 version used in place of the lower quality one from the Amiga.

    The game supports co-op, online co-op (Y) steam works, steam achievements and so on. The developers have talked about adding additional content via steam works at a later date too. So it could become a lot more than just a re master of an old game.

    The Chaos Engine 1.jpg The Chaos Engine 2.jpg The Chaos Engine 3.jpg The Chaos Engine 4.jpg

    View: The Chaos Engine on Steam

    Interview from the devs / gameplay from Eurogamer:


    Very strange that i randomly thought of the game the other day, not having a clue about this re-master.

    Looks like it will be well worth the £6 so far, I would encourage you to get the game when its released, it really is a lot of fun when you play co-op.

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