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    There are games that have good story lines, there are games that have good game play and then there are games in which you can jump off a wall while doing a back flip and shoot a mexican drug dealers ball off. That's the kind of game Total Overdose is.

    Total Overdose is a open world. . Okay the world is not really that open it just gives you the illusion that it is, but still, its a "open" world third person action shooter following the tales of this weeks bad ass player character is Ramiro "Ram" Cruz a criminal turned DEA agent who's sole purpose in the game is kill mexicans and blow stuff up( I mean, that's really all that you get to do)

    As for the story its nothing new really, just Ram and his twin brother tommy trying to find out who killed their daddy blah blah blah mexican crime bosses blah blah lots of henchmen lalalalalala kill Bad guys and blow things up! That quite summarises the story :)

    The game play aspect of it was very entertaining though, its not just your standard shoot from behind some cover, you have special attacks or "loco moves" that can be used to get you out of a sticky predicament that gives the game a very fun and creative way to shot peoples balls of. Oh and you will have to use these special moves very often since you will always be facing about twenty guys at a time, which puts up two questions that have really been on my mind.

    1) How can video game main characters have so little regard for human life that you can kill over twenty people a day and still sleep at night

    2) Where the hell do they get these people to begin with!

    But still the game play is pretty solid and really enjoyable. Oh you can also steal cars. . But that's not really cool because the cars drive like shopping trolley on mud, but what you can do that's really cool is drive into another car and jump off before impact for a wicked cool slow motion explosion.

    Oh cheese crackers how could I forget about the dialogue! The really cheesy corny dialogue I mean you have to hear it its ridiculous! The guys in the game speak as if a tough fifteen year old lesbian girl wrote their dialogue for them.

    But a still, a game that can have me doing the same thing over and over without getting boring should be would be worth five stars right? So my final rating for Total Overdose would be


    I just drove a petrol tanker into a water tower and jumped out before it crashed and shot a bunch of mexicans in mid air while Ramiro uttered a bunch of made up curse words, so why the hell not!

    What game would you like for me to review next? Oh and rate my review
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