The Unreal Tournament 2004 VCTF User Tactics Guide

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    With these thread, I will make a tactics guide for all UT VCTF-Players:). In the online-game the players have invented some tactics, for example the "Mantarun" or each other. But nothing has write a guide, and now I will change this with the Users of these Community. I need help to found them and write about it.
    IMPORTANT: All vehicle tactics are bad against he avril. I thing the most users here play InstaGibCTF (ok, I'm not really care*-))
    I think the following form is good for the guide. I make in [] a example from "Mantarasur"

    Name: The name of the tactic [Mantarasur]
    Category: What is use the tactic primary used [Defence/Hunting]
    Explanation: A explanation of the Tactic [In the Defence, you can use it to kill a enemy flag carrier, who doesn't use Mantarun or a vehicle. Over-drive him and take the flag. At the hunting, you can use it to over-drive bots and other players ((6)). It's good to stop a non-vehicle used flag storming (from one player, for example).]
    Comment: Here you can say something about the tactic (for example against what is the tactic strong/weak or what can the stopped) [The Mantarasur is good against foot walker (bots and players), but very weak against bigger vehicles (a good goliath or hellbender shot can destroy it). And if you used this tactic to kill the running flag carrier, you have to aim well. Oh and you can't used really good in confine areas.]
    Photo: A screenshot of the tactic (not important, but it's better to understand the tactic). [Sorry, I haven't a photo]

    About Photo: I think, it's good, if someone make this as a spectators it's easy to find the tactics in a normal match. You can uploading photos here

    PS: Excuse me please, if I have some grammar mistakes. I'm from Germany and it's very difficult for me, to write in English.
    @Nimrod: I do, what I say ;)
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