The Wonderful End of the World

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    I'm a very big Katamari fan, which is weird since I never played any of the games. I have watched a lot of videos though, like speed runs of the game. I have always wanted to play a Katamari game but since I don't own a Playstation I have never been able to do so. Untill just recently, when I discovered a new Steam game...


    For those who don't know the Katamari games, the point of the game is to collect as much items as possible to grow bigger. In the original Katamari games you do this by rolling a ball around to which all the items stick. You start out very small and you will only be able to pick up smaller objects like paperclips, nails or candy. After doing this for a while you will grow bigger with all the stuff you picked up being attached to your ball. At that point you can start picking up bigger objects like scissors, flowers or books. As you can imagine after a while you will be very big and you will be able to pick up very large objects. After only being able to only pick up paperclips you will end up picking up full houses, ships and cars. This is the idea after each level. Becoming big enough to clear the level.


    So what's this game about?
    In The Wonderful End of the World, instead of using a ball you're some sort of puppet walking around. The concept is exactly the same as Katamari though, you walk over objects and by doing that you pick them up, gradually becoming bigger and bigger. There are twelve levels in total. The first once being shorter, the first one for example you just have to clear one room, but the levels become bigger and bigger untill finally you are able to walk around a town taking with you every building you come across. Most of the levels come down to the same theme, a town, garden or house in which you need to pick up normal objects like books and plants. There are also some differently themed levels. For example a candy level in which you only pick up candy or a retro videogame level in which you come across various videogames. You start off picking up the dots in a pacman level to grow bigger and after a while you will be able to take the walls away and you find yourself in a Tetris, Centipede, Frogger and Tron level.


    Is it worth the money?
    You can easily finish the game within two hours so it's not very long. Each level has three modes, the first one being the main mode in which you have to finish all the levels to unlock the other two modes. In this mode you have a certain time limit to pick up the objects. After doing this you will get a grade at the end of the level, A+ being the highest, saying how well you did. After finishing this mode in a level you get the other two modes. In the first one you get a counter counting down as you pick up objects. After you have picked up enough objects you will have finished this mode. There's a timer counting so it's basically a race against the clock, seeing if you can finish the level faster every time. The last mode is just a free play mode. No time limits, no goals, just walk around untill you're bored. The game is only $9,00 which is not very expensive, especially if you live in Europe since it's only about €5,50 or £4,50. It might be a short game but it's well worth the spare change you pay for it.


    Any Extras?
    So what do you do after you finished all of the levels? As I said there are three modes for every level, so you can go back and play those modes. Also Since you get grades for every level you can try to get an A+ on every level. Another thing the game has are trophies, which are basically like achievements. You earn these trophies for clearing certain goals, like picking up a certain object in a level or a certain amount of items. These Trophies don't really do anything else though, so after you get them all there's nothing new for you to get. It's still fun to go back and play through the levels again though.


    You need this game
    Yes you do. It's not expensive at all and it's really fun. It might be a little short but you will still really enjoy yourself. Just fully clearing all of the levels gives you a good feeling. Turn off the music of the game and put on the original Katamari Damacy soundtrack and you can't loose with this game.


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