Tom’s a liar, but then again who isn’t?

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    Tom’s a liar, but then again who isn’t?

    With Facebook quickly taking over the world and MySpace left in it’s wake, yet another blow has been dealt to the 200 million strong MySpace. Or has it? TechCrunch would like to think so and reports that Tom Anderson, the guy who is automatically added as your first friend on registration to the site has been lying about his age on his profile which states it as 32 whilst reportedly it’s closer to 37 in real life. They argue that one of the co-founders lying about their age is a big thing because as one of the most famous people on the internet he has a responsibility to uphold the truth. Oh and News Corporation knew about it too apparently, well this certainly is important news.

    So first off we find out that a person has been pretending to be a bit younger than they actually are and next we find out that the company that employs him hasn’t even gone broadcasting it left, right and centre! As if it matters that someone knocks off a couple of years off their age to feel better, let’s face it most people would like to reclaim their youth. It’s human. And why should Tom be any less human just because he happens to have worked hard at making what started out as just an idea into one of the most commercially succesful ventures on the internet? He shouldn’t. The point off MySpace profiles is that they’re personal, and I think it is perfectly acceptable for someone to want to be in their early 30s rather than their late 30s. It’s his and indeed anyones prerogative.

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