Unreal Tournament 2004 Internet Play Fix - How To Update The Master Server

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    As you might have seen by now Epic is turning off online services and servers for some older games.

    However all is not lost, their is a community run Master Server for Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT 2004) by OpenSpy that you can easily switch over to using, this will allow the in game server browser to display any server which has also moved over to using OpenSpy.

    To do this simply open your Unreal Tournament 2004\System folder and edit the UT2004.ini file

    In the UT2004.ini file search for IpDrv.MasterServerLink

    Here you want to delete the following:


    And replace it with:


    So the end result should look like this:


    Load UT 2004 up and click join game, if successful you should see the latest OpenSpy news:


    And hopefully some servers to play in, you might have to untick the box "Standard Servers Only" to see game servers at the moment, that will apparently be addressed in the future.


    Currently the Digiex UT 2004 Server is one of the only servers that has moved over, although hopefully others will soon as the news of Epic shutting down online services spreads to other admins.

    Updating an existing UT 2004 Dedicated Server:

    If you are running a UT 2004 server the process is pretty much the same, simply edit the UT2004.ini and replace the MasterServer with the OpenSpy master server. It would also be an idea to set UplinkToGamespy=False to avoid any potential compatibility issues:


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