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Unreleased Dodger and Peach's Castle GameCube Tech Demos Download

Discussion in 'Nintendo GameCube' started by St. GIGA, May 28, 2017.

  1. St. GIGA

    St. GIGA Member

    May 21, 2017
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    Dodger and Peach's Castle Unreleased GameCube Tech Demo Downloads

    Recently, I came across an existing set of downloads for 2 Gamecube tech demos, one of which is EXTREMELY hard to track down. Both are from 2001, and are playable.

    The first and most well-known one is the Nintendo-developed NDDEMO/Peach's Castle demo, which shows off the inside of its namesake. It runs on both both Nintendon't and Dolphin if you disable the BIOS.

    The hardest to find one is the Dodger Demo by Radical Entertainment, which was bundled with the NDDEMO in the leaked source archive /GCN SDK (NONE of which is in the attached archive besides the DEMOS [if you want it, Google it]). The Dodger Demo DOES NOT run on Nintendon't even with the BIOS disabled, but DOES run on Dolphin under the same conditions.

    Strangely, NDDEMO is American/Euro??? when extracting before I set the header to HP:POA's to make it boot. However, TESTNA is the title ID of the Dodger Demo, and it registers in Dolphin before the header hack to "Army Men"??? as a South Korean Gamecube game, despite the Gamecube and all of it's prototypes NEVER showing any notion of being made for South Korea.

    Apparently the "T" region code on GCN is for South Korea. This may be useful to GCN devs. I will attach the demos below once I figure out the FTP.

    Download: Unreleased Dodger and Peach's Castle Gamecube Tech Demos Download

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