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    So I have a psp 3000 and I have updated it to FW version 6.61. I installed the CFW for 6.61 (Pro-C) but heard that the CIPL_Flasher files didn't work on version 6.61 and It might be a little while until a useable version becomes available. Today I continued my attempts at modding in hopes of finally being able to take my copy of Persona 3 Portable (and all of my hard earned save data) and play it on a console instead of an emulator. This became quite frustrating when all I found was corrupted data in my PSP's "game" folder. I don't quite know what a CIPL_Flasher does and I don't know why my game is registering as "corrupted data". did I do something wrong? The location of the .ISO file is "PSP>Game>ISO>Persona 3" I think the files are in the right place, but I'm not sure. I've seen tons of videos of people doing the whole modding their PSP and playing ISO games on their PSP, but I'm at a major loss. I didn't use winRAR to get the ISO files, so maybe that's it? I remember doing the extracting and then pulling the ISO file out of a pile of files so maybe that's why it is registering as "Corrupted Data". can someone please help me out? P.S. i have a copy of Final Fantasy 1 in the ISO folder as well but I only see one "corrupted Data" square in my Games tab.
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    You cant make the hack permanent on the PSP 3000, every time you power the PSP on after turning it fully off you need to run the fast recovery app to allow the hack / firmware to work again. without doing that ISO's / homebrew will not work.

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