Upload Speed higher than download speed with BitTorrent

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    My download speed is just 2kbps but my upload speed is 49 kbps. When i limit the upload speed, the download speed decreases too. Please tell me how to increase download speed and decrease the upload. Now 2.75GB of 5.76 GB is downloaded and 3.38 GB is UPLOADED .Please help me. Atleast i want both of them same....
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    Sounds like no one is seeding(uploading) it at the moment or the torrent is no longer being seeded by anyone who has the file(S).
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    That's how Bittorrent works, you should be able to stop the uploading / limit it in your clients settings however if you don't use your spare upload bandwidth to share what you have downloaded, then those downloaders will then be fighting you for resources for those who do have the complete file and sharing it.

    Think of it this way, Bob has the entire file and is sharing it. You and Ted are trying to download it however you have 50% already and Ted has 0%. You can share the 50% you have with Ted so he only needs to bother Bob for the remainder 50% or you can share nothing and both you and Ted are bothering Bob for the entire file. Where's if you and Ted worked together, you could share what Bob shares and both complete the download faster. So while Ted downloads 50% from you, you could download a further 25% from Bob as could Ted then you two could just share it amongst yourself's and both get to 100% in half the time than if you both bothered him for the same files at the same time. Obviously think of this on a bigger scale than just 3 people, but the idea is the same. Working collectively takes the pressure off the few seeders there are and gets the file downloaded quicker for all.

    If no one shared back, or everyone only shared 100% (equal upload/download) the speed of the torrent would remain extremely slow forever and there is no one out there actually going above and beyond and sharing more and speeding it up for everyone.

    As such, you need everyone downloading donating as much upload as possible for the greater health / speed of the torrent for everyone. So unless you really need your upload back, please consider leaving it.

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