Using an Xbox Live profile on a Jtagged / RGH hacked Xbox 360 and staying safe

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Guides' started by InsaneNutter, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I have quite a few profiles i use in my RGH, including downloading friends accounts to help em out. With friends accounts i have only signed in after loading games with Aurora, FSD, xex menu and none have reported being banned. Also with all of my accounts i have done the exact opposite and sometimes i sign in when i boot up and launch games with the above mentioned and sometimes i would sign in after loading games. Maybe just luck, but i have never had an account banned. One thing i did stop doing tho is being signed in when going to xex menu for any reason. A few modders i know only use xex menu for games and said they were banned a few times as they were always signed in going there, after that none have mentioned being banned after they stopped signing in then going to xex menu. Love the post! I know this took some time so i highly appreciate the effort brother thank you very much for doing this! Hope all is well.
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    Hi, in my case I have a modded xbox 360 slim edition, so it is RGH. Now, I have a completly offline, never been on xbox live, account created on the console where i game and so on. I want to create an xbox live account with the gamescore and saves from the rgh account and then use it in a legit way. So the transfer would be a one time thing, done on a full legit xbox 360 where no mods or rgh is done. After the transfer, the profile would be used in a lawful way.
    Only used xex menu at the beginning when I bought the console to update and set some things. As for the dashboard, firstly was freestyle then aurora.
    It is safe or bans could occour (I know it is still ms decision).
    Thanks for your attention
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    From what you have said you have used homebrew apps with that profile signed in, so it would not be wise to convert that offline profile in to an Xbox Live profile in my opinion.

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