Warning: First person shooter may contain violence

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    Warning: First person shooter may contain violence​

    Nearly as long as they’ve been video games there’s been video game controversy, and today is no different. The BBC today reports that “games content ‘concerns parents’,” according to the site over 75% are concerned over the content of games they’re children play. The answer? Stop buying your children violent videogames then. It isn’t hard to guess that a game like Grand Theft Auto with the title of an illegal activity, and is rated 18 by the BBFC might not be the best choice for your 7 year old son. The survey also indicates that 43% of parents weren’t even aware that video games had ratings, surely these people must be oblivious to the BBFC rating system used by DVDs and at the cinema, which is also used on most video games.

    I’m sure many of these parents are the same ones who believe violent video games will turn their children into stone cold killers. Many have been quick to point the finger at video games for some horrific violence, such as the killers at Columbine High School who played Doom and Wolfenstein or the two Americans who started shooting cars on an Interstate in Tennessee claiming Grand Theft Auto III taught them it. I enjoy many video games such as Assasin’s Creed, but you don’t see me knifing a policeman amid a crowd in a London Undeground station. It’s also no secret that I’m a big fan of the whole Grand Theft Auto series, yet I’ve never stolen a car in my life or shot a man to death. I would have thought that these “murder simulators” would have incited a lot more people to take up arms and go on a killing frenzy if they were so bad. Or is it simply that, society just wants someone to blame? Grand Theft Auto III has been played by over 12 million people (that’s more than the entire population of Portugal), 2 of which decided to go out and start shooting cars on an interstate. If we’re to follow the same casual linking system, I’m sure I could find many killers that have played Super Monkey Ball. I’m off now to watch Saw IV, perhaps after that I’ll go sawing people’s legs off. Perhaps not.
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    Tou have a point there. i am a massive fan of first person shooters, yet i am yet to take a gun and start shooting everyone i ses. for you too do those things in the first place you have to have a pretty weak mind to begin with

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