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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by seanpr92, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I purchased this game without research how the fool was i

    This game has alot of problems first lets touch upon premium currency that you buy with real money basically if you purchase a premium item and die while using it you loose everything and i thing this is a very wrong buisness move.The developer likes to call his own customers faggots see WarZ Producer Calls Campers Faggots... - General Discussions - FPSGamerz also the gameplay is using the same engine as battle inc though it is plagued by bugs yet they say it was in development for 5 years but if you check their domain registration it wasnt registered till 2012

    so to me i felt this game is complete rip off of dayz, its basically teamdeathmatch with zombies chucked in nothing more

    same with minecraft clones at least they remain same and devs are supporting and have friendly enviroment but when you just in their to milk consumers and make cheap game thats when peoples anger vents it has also been removed from steam as they dont agree with this game either
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    I heard about the game but thought about waiting for the DayZ standalone game instead. Quite glad I held off too as like you say, the amount of backlash the game has received and the response from the creators is crazy!

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