whys my laptop gone slow all of a sudden?

Discussion in 'Computer and Gadget Help Center' started by seanpr92, Aug 23, 2011.

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    hi my laptop that runs windows 7 has gone slow all of a sudden about 1 week ago i have scanned it with avst using full scan and with latest updates and no virus so i am thinking to myself hard drive failure could this be the reason for this constant slowdown ive also got a notifacation saying consider replacing your battery

    this is the laptop

    Acer Extensa 5235-301G16Mn 15.6 inch Notebook PC (WXGA TFT Celeron Dual Core T3000 1.8GHz, RAM 1GB, HD 160Gb, DVDSM, LAN, WLAN, Vista Business): Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
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    download this
    CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download
    http://www.wearemoddies.co.uk/Visulise/380b676d6b48653edfc342b1af122038.png image for reference (have the option only delete files in windows temp folders unticked) and dont use the registry cleaner....

    if you have passwords save go into this section and untick the programs saved passwords http://www.wearemoddies.co.uk/Visulise/9ff6e45f82e5814bf094c451542b4b8d.png
    on the windows tab everything should be ticked excluding wipe free space

    download this
    Defraggler - File and Disk Defragmentation - Free Download
    for this click analyze then defrag,do this for all partitions

    another thing to do after these is go to start>computer>right click c:>properties>tools>error checking>auto fix file system errors(this will ask for restart and should take around 5-20min or longer)
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    Your laptop looks to only have 1gb of ram, thats not a lot for Windows 7 at all. Upgrading to 2gb or more would be a great help to your laptop.

    Hold the Windows Key + R and type msconfig in the box that appears, then click ok.

    Click the startup tab and disable anything that doesn't need to start with your PC, to be honest you could disable everything there, although some stuff for example Dropbox and your antivirus need to start when your PC does. If your laptop is like a lot of people's i end up sorting out you will have so much usless junk starting with it that can be disabled.


    You can also click the services tab there, then tick the box "hide all Microsoft services" You can then see what else is starting with your PC, for example if you have Steam you don't need the Client service to start every time your PC does.


    Just see what you can stop from starting with your PC, that should help a lot, especially with your limited ram.

    You might also want to check in the task manager to see if anything is using a lot of CPU usage when your laptop is idle


    System idle process should be near enough 100% when your system is doing nothing.
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    Batteries don't last long these days!
    Have you run a good system defrag recently? You might want to try using a very good defragger like diskeeper to defragment.
    Before you do this, delete as much junk as possible. don't be shy!
    Clean your laptop of all dust especially the cooling fans.
    Good luck!
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    My laptop ran slow for a bit. I turns out I changed the power settings to a mode that limited the performance to save battery life. Might Help.

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