Win a Red Alert 3 BETA Key by playing a game!

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    Congratulations DoctorJones7961
    Who scored a score on Super Mario of 777475!

    He is the lucky winner of a RA3 key given him access to the beta!
    He's score represents his determination to get in the beta and he fully deserves it.

    We have to be honest, when we placed the game online we didnt fully complete it ourselfs (I failed to get past level 4 ;)) and we didnt realize that it looped once you completed it over and over. We honestly never expected people to play the game for hours just to get a beta key, we thought it be a 10 minute game of fun with scores at the end based on coins collected / enemies killed. We would love to give everyone with a high score a key, but instead we have a new contest starting with two new games.

    Some of you may be expecting me to announce that
    Damirx won as he got a last minute higher score. But the rules of the contest were very simple, we said we would not tolerate post spam, but as you may notice from the attached screenshot the user in question flooded the forum with spam which required multiple staff to waste time cleaning up. We wanted the key to go to someone determined to enter and win fairly, and DoctorJones who only posted 10 times to get access at least bothered posting constructive useful posts.

    The key is on its way to you via private message, please let us know how you find it :)

    This thread will be closed to stop anyone moaning about scores, if you didnt win or had your score recorded as zero you should have read the notice about score issues and took screenshots. To make up for it we are offering two new contests on stable games to make it fair for everyone.

    Thank you all for taking part!

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