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Discussion in 'Computer and Technology Discussion' started by Rick, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Windows 10 seems a pretty nice upgrade to Windows 8.1, the main features are the start menu which you can also pin modern apps to. You can drag the start menu up and down to resize it to your liking which is pretty nice.

    You now have virtual desktops like in OSX which i can see been pretty handy, especially on a laptop.

    Modern apps now run in a Windows which is nice, their still a bit too basic for my liking when used on a PC however.

    Windows now have no boarders which i was unsure about at first, however i think that's quite nice after using Windows 10 for a few hours.

    So far for an early preview it's looking really nice, I don't think its enough to make me wipe my PC and install it as my main OS at this point however, I would however certainly use it over Windows 8 though when its released. The nicest thing is clicking the start button and not having the start screen thrown in your face (Y)

    I'm certainly very impressed, and I know a lot is still to be done and added over the next year too.

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    Windows 9 or 10 tech preview now available on torrent.

    Windows 9 or 10 ( 64 bit or 32 bit ) now can be download from extratorrent

    file.jpeg file (1).jpeg file (2).jpeg
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