Windows 8 - Do you use the Metro Start Screen or use a program to restore old start?

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Metro Start Screen or traditional Windows 7 style?

  1. Metro Startscreen

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  2. Third Party program to Restore

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  1. Nimrod

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    Jun 1, 2007
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    London, United Kingdom
    So for those who have upgraded, are you using the default Metro Start screen or are you using third party programs to restore a Windows 7 style start menu?

    For those who are using programs to restore, feel free to share below and provide a screenshot

    Myself - As I primary use Mac OSX and only boot into Windows to play games which have not yet been ported, I'm quite happy with the default Windows 8 Metro Start screen. It's pretty much similar on Mac with the Dock and LaunchPad (Shows Applications in full screen like on iOS) and no one's really complained about that. Not sure why everyone is making a big deal about the Metro start screen to be honest.

    My biggest annoyance with Windows 8 isn't the start screen, but that Metro Apps can't interact with desktop apps. But thats totally a different issue :)
  2. InsaneNutter

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    Yorkshire, England
    I did have Start 8 installed however the beta expired and its now a paid app, so ive not purchased it yet.

    My main reason for liking the start menu is it just works, its easy to get to all the areas on the system with 2x mouse clicks.

    • Start > Sleep
    • Start > Control Panel
    • Start > Devices and Printers
    • Start > Network
    • Start > Computer
    • Start > Documents

    I also make use of the ability to easily open recent documents for apps im using at the moment:


    The Metro stuff is just an inconvenience with a mouse / keyboard, you have to move the mouse to random areas of the screen e.g. to get the chimes bar up, then move up / down the screen without moving the mouse too far away from the edge to do stuff.

    I know you can search for stuff, however you dont get all the results in one screen, its filtered by 3 different sections which you have to go click on the right of the screen to filter by what your searching for. In Windows 7 you just type in the box and anything for that result is shown.

    Dont get me wrong i can use it, and did for two months, however even after that i just find the start menu far more efficient / useful. I personally find Metro slows me down and annoys me with a mouse / keyboard.

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