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  1. Hello,
    i am thinking about creating a simple kiosk OS based on WinPE. Can i show some progress, add changelogs and downloads there?
    I think WinPE is best for creating a locked OS for school or libraries, because the WIM image is copied to ramdrive at start and after restart, anything is gone
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    It would be cool to see what you manage with that. I think the only issue really is what software you want to put on it, given no chances can be made once it's live. You'd also have to update it often as your soon going to have a very outdated web browser, although as you say if any malicious site exploits it then anything bad will be gone when you re-boot.
  3. OK. I am currently installing VMWare and experimenting with proprietary kiosk shell (PerfectShell). I will release some images soon, but i don't have much time now :/
  4. This is early image of the shell. It still does not launch anything and i don't have even ADK (for creating WinPE) installed. It can be however fully configured (all assets and icons)
    I will create GUI tool, which uses DISM to mount the kiosk's WIM and allows user to add applications to OS.
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  5. I'm still working on it!
    Now it's almost done and first version will be released tomorrow.
    Edit: It's ready for release. I will create a standalone thread
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