Windows XP Pro + Windows Media Centre Standalone?

Discussion in 'Computer and Gadget Help Center' started by Rockman, Aug 6, 2012.

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    So I have Windows XP Pro SP3 and I'd like to install Windows Media Centre in order to use Xbox 360's WMC, so how would I be able to do it? Would it work or would I need to have Vista with WMC or Seven with WMC?

    I've always liked Windows Media Centre's dashboard/theme so it's another reason why I want to use it.
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    This did used to be possible a long time ago, hacks did exist back around 2005/2006 that would get Media Center 2005 installed on Windows XP Pro. I believe this hack has been long since broken with the many Windows XP updates over the years since then. I believe i might still have a CD with this hack if you wish me to check tonight when im home, just be warned it can render your windows install useless and i cant guarantee it still works today, it probably doesn't.

    If you really want Windows XP + Media Center look in to obtaining Windows Media Center 2005 as that is basically XP with Media Center.

    Personally i think you would be better off using Windows 7 for media center, Media Center was massively upgraded in Vista then got another large upgrade in Windows 7, the Windows Media Center 2005 version is quite primitive in comparison to what we have today.

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