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    Who is x360Key?

    - TA, one of the founders and maindeveloper of the WODE (wii optical drive emulator) Modchip quit his work on the WODE Project last year to be a part of the legendary Wiikey team and create a new project called x360key, an Xbox 360 drive emulator which allows you to load legal backups from an usb device.

    x360Key Drive Emulation?

    - x360key is 2nd generation Optical Drive emulation tech with a brand new Emulation Engine (x360 is very different to Wii, from the hardware interface to the drive commands).
    We took all the experience from designing Wode and started again from the ground up to bring you the 2nd generation of ODD emulation technology on the xbox 360 console.

    Why you add the DVDKey Extraction Method from Maximus?

    - Some commands the console sends, and reponses from the drive are encrypted, we need the key to be able to communicate with the console. Automatic DVD Key extraction will be added later thx to the deal with Maximus to use their key extraction methods.

    In x360key software v1.00 you have to add the dvdkey manually into a txt file on the sd card.

    #ModControl.com's HIT 78 fat xbox



    so uncomment (remove the #) for the drive you have & input dvd key.

    x360Key offers two modes?

    Yes, it offers two modes - Passthru & Emulation. In Passthru the x360key is switched off, in Emulation, well, I think you saw the video?

    Why will Xbox 360 slim drive support will be added later?

    - There are additional checks on the drive firmware. We need more time to do that properly, of course it works, but we want to give you a perfect solution, so we have to do some more work to make sure everything is perfect.

    Software, Softwareupdates and new features?

    The Linux Kernel is 2.6.33, brand new GUI built using QT (Embedded Linux — Qt - A cross-platform application and UI framework). We designed the software to integrate easily a built in web server and network shares (will be enabled with an update later).
    We plan to release 1.10 or 1.20 wich will include the automatic dvd key extraction and of course we will bring you xbox 360 slim drive support (0255 and 9504). We will look at the 0500 hitachi drives later.
    Also there will be updates to fix bugs (when needed) and add new features as our customers need to be happy with our product.

    Why not all games running?

    - The emulation code for 1.00 is complete now and we are testing like crazy for a release at the end of June. AP25 is working and we expect xgd3 will be working in V1.00 to - but that still needs testing. All tested games are working perfectly (including games with AP25), but not all released games have been tested by us, this is the reason why we state "most xbox 360 and xbox 1 games supported", when we have tested all of them (and this may take a while) then we will let you know that x360key is 100% compatible.

    NOTE: Only supported xbox 1 games a working due to the xbox 360 emulation routine for xbox 1 games, so where is no possiblity to let all Xbox 1 games work.

    Is game-dumping possible?

    - It isnt possible to read the whole disc with a stock drive (part of the security sector for example), so for now we recommend that you dump your games directly with an 0800 flashed (thx C4Eva) xbox 360 or a kreon dvd-rom drive.
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    Sounds interesting, no plans what so ever to buy this however I would like to see this in action all the same.
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    If this really works with all the new dashboard updates & future updates then i will buy it . I will also buy a spare 360 for this .

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