[Xbox 360] Halo 3: Get Out Of High Ground

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    [​IMG]Get Out Of High Grounds

    Note: This cheat only works in Forge mode.

    1.Start a game with two players (or more if you wish), then go to the shore of the sea at the bottom of the map.

    2.Get a mongoose and have a player drive the vehicle and another sit on the back.

    3.The player who was driving should get off, but the other should stay on the Mongoose.

    4.Have the player go into the editor mode (the flying bot) and pick up the player while he's on the back of the mongoose.

    5.Face towards the sea and hold RT and push the player forward with the left analog stick until the mongoose starts shaking.

    6.Have the player on the Mongoose get off and if done right you should be under the water out of the map.

    Note: Don't go too far though as it can instantly kill you.


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