Xbox live labs used to identify pirates and modders confirmed by techgame

Discussion in 'News and Article Submission' started by seanpr92, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Okay, so it's 5 AM. I'm just chilling with buddy iTzLuPo. He makes a joke about it capturing mic data and s***. So, I was like.. Microsoft sneaky so I'll take a look, I extract the files off the USB, look at the XEX.

    I found out that.. yes, It's capturing "avatar" data, and network data. BUT also:

    - CRC Disc drive data

    - Current Microphone streamings

    - Profile IDs, Games Played, Data, XUID, Achievement Data, Microsoft Points, Memberships.

    - Current Screen IO/IOOut Settings

    * MORE FOUND *

    - Sends All information, of corrupted data re-routed to a MICROSOFT email.

    - Grabs your crashdump.pix, and NAND information (looking for rebooters o.o)

    - ANY information you have inputted, including messages, suggested gamertags, payments, and friend requests..

    - ALL Gamertags you have ever had on that IP. (XeABCHGetContactlistGamertags.ashx)

    - Any License Transfers/Machine Transfers (xbos/TransferMachineLicenses.ashx)

    Hey, you agreed to the Terms of Use

    "These results are recorded solely for the purpose of testing and improving the service and will not be used to identify you"

    The "improvement" is us getting banned/removed. THIS IS WHAT MICROSOFT HAS BEEN WORKING ON o.o
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    Lol MS can get all your info with out the need for you to download a app and run it
    Also dont all XeX's contain similar stuff to what was found iin Xbox labs xex

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