Xbox One Emergency Offline Update Results in Console Ban; E101 Error[update]

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    Looks like the funny but not so funny blues of a new hardware launch are now moving to the Xbox One, and one of the first problems seem to come from the infamous console bans by Microsoft, that happened quite often on Xbox 360 as well, and not always rightfully.
    Apparently the brand new console of YouTube user Nicholas Colzie kept freezing on the loading screen, so he was instructed by a Microsoft rep to do the Emergency Offline Update via USB. The result? His console got remotely banned.
    The user laments that support won’t help him further, probably due to the policy about Xbox Live bans, that recites “Microsoft does not provide details about specific console bans”, but Personally I doubt this particular ban will last long.
    Microsoft really doesn’t want this kind of problem to overstay its welcome on the day of launch, especially since it’s not a hardware failure, and should be easily solved by removing the ban remotely exactly like it was applied, probably due to some kind of automated check .
    You can watch the video below, and as usual take this with the proverbial grain of salt, as we have heard it only from the user’s point of view.
    Update: The same user added a second video, giving a better look of the problem.

    Xbox One User Does Emergency Offline Update as Instructed due to Freezing Screen, Gets Banned | DualShockers
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    Banning consoles from Xbox Live access for a good reason would be okay. Banning the console from usage (like with the Original Xbox) is certainly not-done! But this was just.. Ugh, I don't know what to say. :D

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