Xbox One Install Apps, Games and Emulators In Dev Mode [Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps]

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    Did you know its possible to install Apps, Games and Emulators on the Xbox One, with Microsoft's blessing? well you do now!

    First you need to enable developer mode on the Xbox One, we have a separate tutorial that will tech you how to do that. Follow our Enable Developer Mode on the Xbox One tutorial, then come back and continue following this tutorial.

    Once you have developer mode enabled you should be able to manage your Xbox One console from a web browser, i have shown how to set this up correctly in my tutorial above, so you should just be able to log on to your Xbox One via a web browser from the address shown on the Xbox One development dashboard:


    On the Home option you should see My games and apps with a green "add" button below that, click the add button:


    Here you can browse your PC for the Xbox One Game, Emulator or App you wish to install by clicking "Choose File":


    Choose what you wish to install, for the purpose of this tutorial i'd suggest downloading one of the Xbox UWP Homebrew Apps we have uploaded here on Digiex, so you have something to install:


    Now click next:


    Some apps you install will have dependencies included with them, be sure to select these here, then click start:


    Hopefully your app will install fine:


    Click done and you should now see it has been installed:


    It's possible to launch, close and remove apps on your Xbox One from this web interface:


    You can also see and launch your installed apps on the Xbox One Dev Dashboard:


    Or the Xbox Dashboard Apps Menu in Dev Mode:


    Please keep in mind: Anything you install in dev mode can't be used in retail mode, you have to enter dev mode to use your installed / side loaded apps. Likewise you can't use retail apps and games in dev mode, you have leave dev mode to use any purchased apps and games.

    Dev mode is supposed to be used for development purposes only, however their is nothing to stop you installing content other developers have created, such as emulators and playing about with them :)

    View the Digiex Download Center for Homebrew Xbox Apps, Games and Emulators.
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    Dev mode is a great idea, and one that I can actually experiment with since I have both an Xbox One and a system that meets the other requirements. However, both my Xbox One and said system are shut off at the moment, and I haven't used my Xbox One in long enough that I've forgotten how to boot the thing. :-$

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