Xbox One Pre-Order - Swap Fifa 14 download for Forza?

Discussion in 'Gaming Hangout' started by InsaneNutter, Nov 3, 2013.

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    Hey, this is probably a long shot however I figured its worth asking.

    I pre-ordered the Xbox One in May when pre-orders were first announced, before any games were included. Later on Fifa 14 was included as a free download with pre orders, so my pre order got converted to include that. Since then Microsoft also announced Forza as an alternate game included with pre-orders, sadly would not switch my pre-order to the Xbox One console with Forza.

    As both games are essentially codes to redeem for a digital copy of the respective game, i'm wondering if anyone who has a Forza pre order would like to swap their code for my Fifa code?

    My pre-order: (the £20 is the deposit I paid)


    I have no interest in football what so ever, so would sooner give the code away rather than redeem it myself and never play the game.

    If anyone is interested in doing a swap please get in touch :)

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