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XCAT v.100 Original Xbox Content Archival Tool Released

Discussion in 'Apps / Tools' started by Harcroft, Mar 25, 2024.

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    Mar 10, 2009
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                          Xbox Content Archive Tool
    ------------------------------[XCAT 1.00]----------------------------
    Release info:
      Xbox Content Archive Tool (XCAT) is a utility that runs directly on an Xbox console to
      assist in finding unarchived DLC and other lost content. When run, the application will
      scan the Xbox hard drive for any content that has yet to be archived and upload it
      directly to the servers of the XCAT Team for later analysis, sorting, and archival.
    Using XCAT:
      1. Transfer the XCAT XBE file to the console via FTP, memory card, DVD, or Endgame exploit.
      2. Ensure the console has internet access.
      3. Run the XBE and follow the prompts.
      4. Depending on the amount of data stored on the hard disk it may take an hour or more to
        scan and perform any uploads.
    Privacy Disclaimer:
      Your Privacy Matters
      Before proceeding, please be aware that XCAT is designed to scan your Xbox hard drive for
      the purpose of archiving. During this process, XCAT may identify and upload files that
      are not currently archived.
      What We Collect
      XCAT automatically uploads unarchived files discovered during the scan as well as unique
      console identifiers. No other data is collected or uploaded without your direct action.
      Your Choices
      You have control over your data. If you do not wish to have any unarchived files uploaded,
      please exit this application by selecting the option below. By choosing to continue, you
      are consenting to the automatic upload of these files.
      Consent and Authorization
      By continuing with XCAT, you grant the XCAT development team the authority to handle the
      uploaded files. It is your responsibility to ensure that these files do not contain any
      sensitive, private information or unlawful content.
      For More Information
      For detailed information on our privacy policy, user agreements, and an outline of the
      specific paths and types of data that XCAT scans and processes, please visit our
      website at www.consolemods.org/xcat.
    Files included in this release:
    XCAT_v1.00.xbe                                     a1f52a07a8d43fe847d3f872cad8410ac8742c46
    XCAT_v1.00_signed.xbe                              7e69e74c57b0bd9174326dd199bf46e1184a5aa1
    XCAT_v1.00_signed_Endgame.zip                      1e3677ad490ea04838a501b0582935791936b8eb
    XCAT_v1.00_signed_Endgame/helper/0/SaveImage.xbx   29a75cfb96dfc008fbd4da235bfe904e0f44531e
    XCAT_v1.00_signed_Endgame/helper/TitleMeta.xbx     856e543c03adf7a3486678979ffc3168b20db78f
    XCAT_v1.00_signed_Endgame/payload.xbe              7e69e74c57b0bd9174326dd199bf46e1184a5aa1
    XCAT_v1.00_signed_Endgame/trigger/1/SaveImage.xbx  79ebc23062d69feb2d5bfa88b37d1c54727194c7
    XCAT_v1.00_signed_Endgame/trigger/TitleMeta.xbx    d924fc4252385918ceae6001f074e7075f98b824

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