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    Ive been having a little tidy up and found my old phones, so thought i would share my phone history.

    My phones to date:

    Nokia 3210 - First phone i got back in 2003, purchased it from Trebor for £10. It made calls, sent texts and played snake, that's all you needed back then!

    Ngage QD - I got this a year later in 2004, way ahead of its time in my opinion, a lot of people thought it was a horrible but i loved it. A smart phone that could play 3d games for around £130? bargain!

    Nokia 6630 - Got this around the end of 2005, a nice upgrade to my Ngage. My first phone that had with a camera, it could play a lot of Ngage games too.

    Nokia N95 - The phone I used the longest, got this when i started University in September 2007 and used it until June 2010. Having a good camera phone was important to me and this phone by far had one of the best cameras. I still maintain it was better than the first iPhone too. 5mp camera, 640x480 video recording, 3.5G, teathering, video calling, downloadable apps, portable wi-fi hotspot, fm radio, copy and paste, tv out... the list goes on. Way ahead of its time.

    HTC Desire - My first touch screen phone I got in 2010, i tinkered with this so much installing many custom roms. Probably the phone I have enjoyed messing with most to date. running the MIUI Android 2.3.7 rom at the moment. I almost got the Nokia N900 instead of this, however i'm glad i got an Android phone.

    Galaxy Nexus - Got this in Feb 2012, love the 720p screen on it and 1080p video recording, I see myself keeping this phone for the next few years. Running stock Android 4.0.4 at the moment, will be flashing the MIUI rom at some point. Should cope with the next few versions of Android with ease. Maybe one day ill get to make an NFC payment with it!
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    I don't have most of my old phones now!

    Samsung E720
    Sony Ericsson K800i
    LG Cookie (KP500)
    LG GT540

    HTC Hero (Current)

    I'm also sure I had a phone between my GT540 and my Hero but I can't for the life of me remember what it was...

    My contract ends in November so I will get a new phone in a few months. Looking at The Lumia 800...
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    Nokia 3150i (it was awesome, played a lot of great mobile games on it at the time)
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia N-Gage

    Now I have a Nokia N73 ME.

    I don't really care about having an updated phone with touchscreen, not really into this sort of thing. I'm happy with the N73, even though the zoom + button doesn't work any more and the slid camera part is sometimes an issue.

    Plus, the video camera quality's pretty terrible, but for pics it does a great job.

    Here's an example of a photo I've taken:


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