Zune HD and Zune Software Thoughts

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by KillerWhiteMan, Oct 11, 2009.

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    Well as most of my friends here at Digiex know, I recently got a Zune HD. I had been contemplating getting the Zune HD, or just getting a larger iPod Touch as that was what I had to begin with. I decided to take a chance with the Zune HD and try something different. I will be posting an in-depth review as soon as I can, but for now let me share my thoughts on the Zune HD and the Zune software.

    The Zune HD is an amazing media player. Period. I could not be happier with the player and how it operates. The UI is simple, easy to navigate, and incredibly responsive. I can quickly find what I want to listen to and get to it without going through many screens. The sound quality on the device is incredible. The only complaint I have is that the screen collects fingerprints and smudges easily, but that is tolerable.

    As for the Zune software, can it compare to iTunes. No, it can't. I only wish iTunes was as good as the Zune software. One of the most inviting things about the Zune software is the Zune Pass. For $14.99 a month, Zune users can download and stream as much music to their PC or Zune player as they want. On top of that, you get 10 song credits that are yours to keep forever. So if you think about it, you are paying $5 for the Zune Pass because you would most likely download 10 songs anyway and spend the $10. Sure the music "technically" isn't yours unless you use one of the 10 song credits, but as long as you keep the Zune Pass renewed each month, there is no problem. This is very useful for people like me that are addicted to music and love listening to it. The Zune Marketplace is great because you can easily locate artists and read their bio and see related artists. The related artists tab is very helpful for those looking to discover new artists.

    The Zune HD is going to become fully compatible with the Xbox 360 and its marketplace. O personally cannot wait for this integration. As you can see, I am very happy with the Zune HD and like I mentioned before, I will be posting a more in depth review soon!
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    I’ve seen the Zune PC software and must admit it looks great! I look forward to seeing your review.

    I’ve had a play about with the original Zune but as the Zune is not sold outside America it will probably be a long time before I ever see a Zune HD in person.
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    Doesn't the Zune HD have a 32GB HD as the biggest HD you can get? If so that thing would be maxed out in no time.

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