Again With the Clicking!

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    As a few may know couple months ago I bought a 500gb hard drive used, and after doing the HDDHACKR tutorial for xbox360, it clicked periodically, like scissors snipping together hard and was very irritating and loud and I returned it. Well I thought I had it solved by setting the intellipark timer on my next drive (which was brand new btw).
    But lo and behold I couple days ago recieved a used WD5000BPKT 7200rpm from ebay guy said it was from a macBook but guess what its doing the EXACT SAME frikkin thing. I have set the intellipark timer to 20 minutes, the sound happens around every 30-60 seconds. And nobody knows WTF is going on or what is this noise if its not the head parking?

    On an interesting note though the xbox loads noticeably faster with this drive as compared to the 5400 rpm blue, its not a huge difference but it's nice. Too bad this noise drives you insane after a while.

    Need to figure this out is the changing of the intellipark timer do nothing at all? I checked it and it says its set to 20 minutes in both hddhackr and wdidle3. Anyone have a guess to what is this noise. I mean yeah its used and etc but it's a very distinct noise

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