Anonymising Xbox 360 uploads?

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by pelago, Aug 13, 2018.

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    In we can download free Xbox 360 content, such as game trials, free apps, title updates. I am very much in favour of preserving such things, before they are lost forever. Now that the Xbox 360 can easily copy content to USB storage without needing special apps, it would be easy for the general user to help with these efforts.

    But I'm worried - is there anything (e.g. a console ID or profile ID) stored in the container file that meant it could be traced back to an individual by Microsoft? Even if this content is free, I worry that Microsoft might take action.

    Is there a general guide (e.g. a "scene" guide for what to do before distributing Xbox content) somewhere that says what should be done to strip any identifying content out of Xbox Live container files?
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    You can zero IDs using Le Fluffie or i can create special app just for zeroing ids.
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    If the content is DRM free such as a Demo or Arcade trial, then you can safely upload that. If you modify such content in anyway it will not be usable on a non modified Xbox 360. Leave this as is so the content can be preserved in its unaltered form.

    Any content such as DLC or purchased games is locked to the profile which downloaded it, as such this content needs to be "unlocked" to be usable on a Jtag / RGH console, this process also removed any uniquely identifying info from the content.

    For this I use YarisSwap

    If you click go to foder it will scan the folder, content with a profile id is locked to that profile, so you should click Hex mod / Yaris Swap to unlock that content and remove your profile ID:


    Free content such as demos will have a console id, however this is not your console id so their is no need to Hex mod / Yaris Swap this content, as you vastly reduce the amount of people who can make sue of the content then, limiting its use to modified Xbox 360's.

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