Can I RGH2 my Xbox 360 Elite (Jasper 16MB)

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by ZimHB123, Aug 12, 2013.

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    I've been wanting to play online on my JTAG, but my "friend" was playing on it when I was cooking up some chicken Alfredo pasta and he turned off my JTAG and switched to the hacked NAND and tried to play on Xbox LIVE and got a permanent banned console. Now I can only play on XLinkKai thanks to that "friend" of mine.

    Ok, back on topic. So, my Jasper is in dashboard 2.0.16202 and I haven't gone on Xbox LIVE since the day after Christmas. I've been wanting to RGH2 with Cool-runner and add in a triple nand chip (stock for LIVE, secondary nand for RGH2 and freestyle dash, and third for DEVKit) or a Team Xecuter Demon Dual nand (if there aren't any triple nand micro chips). Any help on glitching this Jasper?

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