CFLDV wont update for DemoN Dual Nand RGH 1.2 Falcon, wanting to install RGLoader DevKit to the RGH

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by GrimGOd, Nov 4, 2017.

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    hey there guys i have Falcon MOBO 360, with and RGH 1.2 Coolrunner Rev C along side a DemoN Dual Nand install, the stock Nand is updated to 17511 (latest Dash) and the DemoN is at 17150, the thing is i am wanting to install RGLoader DevKit Nand to the DemoN RGH side, but for some reason when i flash the new image for RGLoader to the DemoN the console never glitches, which im assuming is due to the LDV of the img, well everytime i alter the LDV to the proper limit the console wont POWER at all (ill hit the power button and get ZERO response) no fans, no lights, NADA... So i downloaded xbox 360 Flash Tool v.97 today and it wont let me alter the LDV, ill change it and then when i go to save itll crash, or if i try to open the RGLoader img it wont even load it it just crashes right off the bat. So my question is, what the #*&& am i doing wrong... Any help would be amazing ive spent roughly 30hrs trying to figure this out...
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    You could try using an older computer (or Virtual Machine) running Windows 7 if your on Windows 8 or 10. Some of the older 360 tools don't play nice with modern versions of Windows. The last time i used Xbox 360 Flash Tool was on Windows 7.

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