Copy Movie to USB stick and from there to Xbox 360 HD

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Hulkster, Aug 2, 2014.

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    A week ago I bought an Xbox 360 and I don’t like the fact I have to play my movies from a USB stick. When I rewind or forward a 1080p movie it will get out of sync very fast. Now I figured that when I copy the movie file to my harddisk I won’t get this problem. But the problem is how to I copy a movie file to an already Xbox 360 formatted and configured USB stick? I am familiar with USB Xtaf, but I don’t know which directory I have to put the movie files (in order for the Xbox 360 to detect them in its browser). I’ve seen directories such as Cache, Data and Content with Xtaf on my USB stick, but I don’t know if either of these directories is used for playing and copying videos.

    Now I’ve used USB Xtaf (version 44) to copy a save game from the internet to my harddisk. I saw the directory structure and so I saw where I had to put the downloaded save game. But with videos I just don’t know where to put them (in order for me to copy him to my HD).

    There is a way to copy movies from the HD to the USB stick and back. So, it has to put them somewhere on the USB stick for it to access it again. There has to be a way to copy movies manually from my PC into an Xbox 360 formatted/configured USB stick. And from there copy it through the Xbox 360 interface to my HD for better playback performance.

    Thank you in advanced for reading this thread and for any help you could give me.:)
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    You can't copy movies to the Xbox 360's hard drive, the best thing to do would be to connect a FAT32 formatted hard drive up to the Xbox 360 and play the movies off that, or alternately stream them from your PC to the Xbox 360.

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