Defiance online servers on Xbox 360 Region Locked - Force a region swap or switch?

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Trisha Takanawa, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Has anyone played Defiance on Xbox 360 online yet?

    It's a great game, but sadly it appears the developers are quite retarded and decided that Xbox 360 Players from the US are not entitled to play with their European friends online (and vice versa).

    Besides the fact this is 2013, and the internet has allowed clans and friends to break down the physical borders of countrys and play pretty much every game in existence with their friends across the pond it appears the untalented developers at Trion Worlds would rather the world be split apart and stop friends playing together.

    They promised to make a Region Selector available to Xbox 360 users in the near future, but months later and it appears they still haven't quite gained the technical ability to undo this major mistake. so in the mean time, I'm going to post some possible solutions, it will be interesting to see if anyone can get them to work and if it will finally break down the barriers:

    Game Disc Region - According to Play-Asia, the game isn't region locked so it will be interesting to see if a US copy placed in a European console will grant access to the US Servers

    Geo-IP - There is a lot of VPN providers out there, does putting an Xbox behind a VPN from Europe force a european server join (or vice versa)?

    Console Locale Setting - Change in the Settings tab on Xbox 360. Doubt this will work, but worth trying.

    Gamertag Region - I know this works for the PS3 version, but has anyone tried this with Xbox 360? If a friend makes you a gamercard on their console in the region server your interested in, Can you then recover it and play on the relevant server?

    Other things to do, which might speed up Trion's Developers to quickly learn how to code a multiplayer game and release the Region Switching Patch:

    Tweet @Syfy and inform them how much Trion Worlds messed up there great cross-tv/game title with such a stupid mistake. If Syfy hear all the bed rep, they may push Trion Worlds to hire a decent coder.

    Put Pressure on Trion Worlds on their forum, on their Support System via Tickets and Tweet them / Facebook Page them to keep spreading bad press on this matter.

    Encourage friends and family not to buy the game, hitting them in the pocket hurts the most.

    Ultimately, people power can be a real changer on matters like this. Putting pressure on them, and their partners is likely key to this. Trion Worlds deserves to take a hit for this, because whoever decided this was a good way to host multiplayer in the first place doesn't really deserve a job in the games industry, they clearly have a few problems with common sense. However I think the number one priority at the moment is just get them to fix this problem asap for the hundreds of gamers out there who have unexpectedly purchased this game and found out after they handed money over, that Trion can't code games.
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    its probably for faster connections its only consoles that have the region lock though as on pc its just international
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    If you guys are still wanting to play this together the game is currently on Sale on Steam for £6.79 - Save 66% on Defiance on Steam

    I would presume the PC version servers are not region restricted, but who knows.

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