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Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by masternoxx, Oct 12, 2020.

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    So lets say that I bought a game and then received a refund because my savegame from the disc version would not show up in the digital version.
    Now what's going to happen,
    a)get to keep the game for free
    b)next time I sign into xbox live, the game will be un-authed, no longer playable and flagged deleted.

    I'm going to guess the answer is B, so all I have to do is just not sign into xbox live correct?

    Next question, so lets say there is some guy on ebay selling an xbox 360 with "40+ games on the hard drive" (presumably from xbox games with gold). He has probably deleted his profile, from the console. Now if you buy it, make a new profile and sign in,
    a)you keep all the games
    b)you lose all those games?
    So all you need to do is just not sign in ever again and you get to keep everything? Or you get to keep everything anyway?

    So lets say you added your profile to a friends Xbox 360 can he now sign in as you and download all the games that you bought for digital download? No he can't right but why not?

    If you buy a used console that is formatted, you can add your account to it and all the games yes?

    thanks for reply
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    On the 360 i'm not 100% as ive never requested a refund, however I suspect the next time the 360 connects to Xbox Live the licence for the game will be revoked to stop people abusing this.

    The profile owns the game, however the game is licenced to the first console that downloads that game on the 360. You could request a licence transfer every so often, I believe this was either once ever 6 months or once every year. (only did this once when my launch console died).

    So even if you purchased a console with licences to play someone else's games without the profile, they could revoke the licence from that console at some point in the future, even if they don't have access to the console anymore. Obviously if that console never goes online again that can't happen.

    Your digital games will work on any 360 console, providing your profile is signed in to Xbox Live. If you sign out of Xbox Live the game won't work. The only exception to this is on your main console which has the licence for the game, any profile on that console can play the game without you been signed in.

    So yes in theory you could game share with a friend like this, such game sharing was made a lot easier on the Xbox One as you can simply set your home console from the dashboard.

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