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Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by BigZ1981, May 27, 2020.

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    Hi Guys,
    I'm seeing many results for parental controls with PS4 & blocking networks. However, I'm working on a different issue. I'm setting up parental controls on my router with all network traffic disabled except for PSN/game servers. Does anyone have a list of the domains/subdomains that I can whitelist?
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    That's a hell of a task, I'd imagine every individual game from third party publishers would have different servers etc... I'm sure the Playstation specific ones are out there or could be captured easily enough with Wireshark, but I'm not sure this is the approach you want to take for whatever your end goal is.
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    On the PS4 it might be easier just to disable the web browser on the console: that way pretty much all you can do is play games online. You can then use parental controls to limit the age rating of games that can be played too.

    The problem you have these days is game servers are hosted on cloud platforms like Azure. Servers are added / removed on demand depending how many players are online. So it would be pretty much impossible to get a definitive IP range.

    You could do what you wanted for certain PC games, for example Minecraft. Where most servers are accessed via a single IP address which you can just whitelist. Even then you might have problems if the server is requiring you to authenticate with Mojang to ensure the copy if your game is authentic.

    For any game that uses P2P (like PS3 / Xbox 360 games did) or cloud servers I dont think what your trying to do is realistic.

    Something like Sophos UTM might get you close to what you want, as Sophos have a massive database of websites all categorised, so you can for example block gaming sites, adult sites, social media and so on.

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