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    This is my copypasta from another site:
    I've been using EvoX's telnet features to poke around with memory with games. Have been making some progress with Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller. Haven't made a trainer yet, but have ran into some concerns:

    1. I would like to have better control over value much more like Cheat Engine would have.

    2. Too many games close out access to the Debugger (notably Fight Night Round 3 and THPS4)

    3. A live memory edit would be nice

    4. Working with floats does NOT have to be this hard.

    5. CXBX is just a nightmare to work with.

    Does anyone have any solution to these problems? Does anyone care?

    We can dump the entire memory using scripts. That's a start, I just haven't started on it. Actually Putty isn't working for this job. An

    In conclusion, can anyone provide EvoX / RemoteX source code so we can work on the telnet feature?

    Big thanks to: mandragor for EvoX Trainers Telnet v1.1
    A guy over at TX told me to try working with nexgen instead and implement Telnet / TSR myself. I want a little guidance, PLEASE.

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