[Help] How to make Update My Xbox from Xbox Live [Disabaling LiveBlock]

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by DutyFours, Apr 30, 2015.

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    Hi Everybody And welcome So i wanna Post this post just for an reason that i'm not able to Update my Xbox Dashboard On Xbox live yeah so i know you've gonna say we can't because i have RGH But no Why My friend Update He just press Update and then boom ! That's it now he playing GTA V Online he buy an Xbox live Code 3 Months and now he's great

    So i wanna know if i can do like him I just wanna play Original Xbox live With Buying Xbox live Codes ! We all know that LiveBlock on Dashlaunch I Disable It and when i go to my Dashboard i got an Message to update like my friend I press it and then It download ect .... But Here the Problem :'( I got an Update Failed On My update Xbox live But my friend has the Same Xbox Like mine [Xbox Slim 250 GO= RGH] So yeah that's it i just wanna fix the problem of Update Failed On Xbox STATUS CODE

    Please Help if you wanna My Skype or Something Message me PLEASE I really wanna my update Xbox Fix !

    Btw Tomorrow i'm gonna post a picture of my Error Xbox live Update And btw I Disabled Liveblock for the Xbox live Message and Connect to Wifi on Xbox live :

    If i can Disable something on Dashlaunch just told me or Message me for my Skype to talk with you Doctor

    See you And Peace And thx you for Helping me :(
    ​B​tw Here the problem But is not my Real Code Is just from Good Image They told me Return then Good Bye :/ I'm gonna upload my Original Pictor from my Xbox 360 Slim
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    Your friend probably has a dual nand mod, meaning he has an RGH mode and a normal unmodified mode he can use on Xbox Live.

    Unless whoever modded your console also did a dual nand mod you wont be getting on Xbox Live with your RGH console.

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