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    The Box360 playing Xbox games..
    Can anyone help me out

    I recently purchased Two Xbox games, not realizing they were Xbox games until they got to my house.I am very interested in wanting to play them but they are not Xbox 360 Games.

    The Matrix Path of Neo & Enter the Matrix.. when I put them in my Xbox 360 a screen pops up saying I need a hard drive to play the games.. what does this mean.. why can't Xbox 360 just play Xbox games..
    Is there something I can buy to fix this problem so I can play the games I want.. thanks for any help..

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    You need a hard drive to play Xbox Classic games on the Xbox 360. This is because the original Xbox had a hard drive in so the games expect one to be there. In addition on the Xbox 360 the Xbox Classic emulator is on the hard drive.

    Both the games you want are not backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 anyway, so to play the games you would have to buy an original Xbox.

    This list will help you find Xbox games you can play on the Xbox 360 if you have an internal hard drive: List of Xbox games compatible with Xbox 360

    If you do decide to buy a hard drive for the Xbox 360, the type you need will depend on the Xbox 360 console you have:

    Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive

    Xbox 360 Phat Hard Drive

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