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    The following is a tutorial on how to make a network using the homeplug system.

    What is homeplug
    Homeplug is a device that uses the electricity cables in your house as an Ethernet cable. Theerfore saving you the trouble of having to drill holes and lead wires through your house.

    How does Homeplug work.
    Homeplug works by having two boxes. One box you plug into your router or modem, and then plug into a wall socket. The other box, you connect to your computer, and like the first plug into a wall socket. After setting up the software that you have been given the boxes use the power cable in the wall as Ethernet cable. Thus giving you a Wired network.

    How do I setup Homeplug
    After installing the software that is given to you with your Homeplug. It is merely the task of plugging one of the two Homeplug boxes into your computer and wall socket and the other into the router or modem and wall socket. After this is complete, you should have a steady connection to the Internet and all other online services.

    What do I need.
    All that you need is the Homeplug package that you can buy on most reliable technology web sites such as ebuyer. This should come with two Homeplug boxes with the appropriate power cables and two Ethernet cables. It should also come with the required software on a disk. A decent homeplug system should cost anywhere from £50 to £80. Here is a link to the one that I ordered: http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/produ...uct_uid=111402

    How secure is Homeplug.
    Homeplug is essentially a wired network so that means that nobody can use your Internet like they can, if you have a wireless network that is unprotected. Because this is so the only protection you will need is the usual antivirus and hacking software. Not only this but it is also reliable

    The don’ts of Homeplug
    The only don’ts that home plug has is that you do not plug it into and adapter such as a four way and so on. It requires that it has a Wall plug of its own.

    What can I do with Homeplug
    You can do anything with a homeplug that you can do with a wireless network (accept for the ability to use with other devises such as laptops and that in the garden ass it is essentially a wired network). With the added bonus that you get a constant signal and do not have to worry about atmospheric conditions. Is brilliant for both of the Internet and for programs such as Azureus.

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