How To Hack Lost Plant 2 Abilities (Xbox 360)

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    Hi all, im gonna show you all in this Thread how you can hack your Lost Planet 2 Abilities.

    Required is.:
    A HDD/Memory Card with the "LOSTPLANET2" file.
    A Sata/Transfer Cable.
    A HxD Editor.
    A programm that can Rehash/Resign => Modio.
    Xport360 /Xplorer360.
    And my knowledge :)

    Lets Start.:

    1.) Connect your HDD or your Memory Unit via Transfer kit to your Computer.

    2.) Open Xport360/Xplorer360 and choose "Partition 3" then open "Content" => Content\E000004AD82DB9B8\434307ED\00000001

    3.) Drag and Drop the file "LOSTPLANET2" on any directory on your Computer.

    4.) Now open the File with a Hex Editor (I'm using HxD Editor)

    5.)Search for the Text-string "UUUUUUU" and look for (7F 7F 7F 7F 7F 1F 1F 1F 1F 1F) after the last 1F should come a new binary code. (My Save Game has 0C 03 marked in red).

    6.) Let's look what "0C 03" means,
    0a - crit. dmg 1
    0b - crit. dmg 2
    15 - t-eng weapon master 2
    02 - fire power 1
    03 - fire power 2
    25 - self inflicted injury
    21 - special guard 1
    ?22?- special guard 2
    1b - recovery 1
    1C - recovery 2
    0c - (vorsprung) ammo
    12 - (vorsprung) t-eng
    1d - sprint 1
    1e - sprint 2
    29 - points 2
    19 - invisible on radar
    18 - v_master 1

    ---------by Drunk3n Modd3rs--------

    0C is Ammo boost ( Start with maximum ammo)
    03 is Fire Power 2

    My savegame is allready modded.

    You can't have two of level 2 abilities!

    7.) So let's start to mod, let's take 2 new abilities... Hmmm.. im gonna take "Recovery 1 (1B)" and "Sprint 2 (1E)" so the new code would be "1B 1E"


    8.) Save the file and open Modio insert your modded "LOSTPLANET2" file into Modio and click on "Rehash & Resign"

    9.) Put the file back on your HDD or Memory Unit!
    "Partition 3" then open "Content" => Content\E000004AD82DB9B8\434307ED\00000001

    10.) You are done, start the game and take a look ! But hey if you are pressing ( B ) on your pad the game is saying something like "choose a second ability"
    Press the Xbox Guide buttom and go back to the Dashboard.

    You can use it Online !

    Sorry for my bad explaining, my english is not that good.
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    I'm using a PS3 and the hex editor codes are different. Can you help me?
    please send me a message.

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